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British Biscuit Festival

This weekend marked the first ever British Biscuit Festival at the Brunswick Centre, London! I was excited to go down on Friday to see what was going on, because I love biscuits.

First things first – I headed straight for the samples at the Cinnamon Tree Bakery stall! They had a great selection of crunchy treats – some of which were really creatively designed and decorated as you will see below. And oh my goodness, I know that brownies are probably not technically biscuits, but they sold the most chocolatey most gorgeous brownies I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.

I also tried a white chocolate and sea salt cookie, pecan and orange shortbread, caramel and ginger flapjack – all so yummy. Check out their online store to buy your own!

Next stop – biscuit themed cocktails!! These were being created and served by Ruth Ball of Alchemist Dreams in the funky store JOY.

There were some fabulous flavour combinations! Which would you go for?

The table display looked great with their lovely little bottles and their teapot flowing with dry ice! It looked fab. Cocktails were served in these sweet little chocolate mugs and chocolate lined wafer cups! Aren’t they cute!?

You can buy Alchemist Dreams products online at their site – liquors sold in a variety of bottle types and sizes, wedding favours and corporate gifts. They also host events and exhibit themselves at similar festivals which you can check out here.

Back outside I was drawn to these genius handmade biscuit style key-rings at the Candipops table – how cool are they! This seller also had a variety of biscuit themed notebooks, postcards and gift tags for sale. There isn’t very much on her website at the moment but if you like the look of these then do get in touch with her to find out how to buy them! Wouldn’t they make great gifts??

Guerilla Science worked hard at the Biscuit Science table, informing us with fascinating things to do with taste and crunch and held a Great Biscuit Dunking Competition! They were answering some important biscuit related conundrums such as what makes a biscuit a biscuit, and created a poll on what is probably the most controversial topic in the biscuit world. Jaffa Cakes. Biscuit or cake?

Frankly I am shocked at the even sided response that this poll got – I mean seriously how can anyone class Jaffa Cakes as a biscuit? It’s even in the name! What are your thoughts on this pressing issue?? Jaffa Cake debate below!

We then headed over to the Build a Biscuit workshop… Unfortunately I had missed most of the people taking part but it did look like fun!

There were lots of lovely buttercream flavours and toppings including nuts and popcorn! It reminded me how I’d love to try some kind of salty and sweet popcorn cake soon… Mmm…

The workshop was being hosted by Annabel of the Conjurers Kitchen. I collected one of their flyers which included some photographs of her amazing cake designs! Wow – you’ve got to check out her mindblowing cakes here.

She is also a fantastic artist! Check out her work on her other site here.

The delightful Tasha Marks (above) of Animal Vegetable Mineral was showcasing Funeral Biscuits. They were made from an authentic 19th Century recipe – really interesting tasting, with cardamom and rosemary!

In the biscuit package was also an Animal Vegetable Mineral postcard and a customised mourning poem. I quite like the old Victorian tradition of the Funeral Biscuit – or maybe I just love any excuse to eat biscuits…? You can read further about this forgotten part of British culture here!

I checked out the Animal Vegetable Mineral website today and there are some really interesting events and workshops that they are exhibiting at or hosting. Do have a look! I also want to mention how much I loved the Culinary Experiments page on their site with some of their weird and wonderful concoctions – including Mince Pie Popcorn, Pine Marshmallows and Glow in the Dark Pear Drops!

Their exhibition area was beautifully set with vintage crockery and furniture.

I really enjoyed the Biscuit Festival – I was only able to make it on the Friday so I unfortunately missed the bands, dances and the Farmers Market which were being held on the Saturday and Sunday but I’m sure they were good fun!

I’ll be sure to visit again next year!

Did you visit the Biscuit Festival this year? What did you think of the event? And more importantly… Jaffa Cakes – biscuit or cake?


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