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Spiced Apple and Elderflower Cupcakes

I made these delicious cupcakes to use up some apples that needed eating, and experimented with some elderflower cordial, which really compliments the flavours with its light fruitiness.

Adding lemon juice to the frosting really enhanced the apple in the buttercream and gave it some zing!

Also if you are admiring these beautiful vintage plates and the pretty little cake stand which I love, you should definitely check out Shirlies blog who I borrowed them from for these images – her blog is full of inspiring styling, lifestyle ideas and gorgeous art work.

Ingredients (makes 15 cupcakes)

110g butter

80g caster sugar

2 eggs

1 apple (diced or grated depending on your preference)

3 tbsp elderflower cordial

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 heaped tsp all spice

Optional: Apple slices/chunks for decorating


1. Dice or grate the apple and put to one side for now

2. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius and line tray with cake cases

3. With a spoon or electric whisk, cream the butter

4. Add the caster sugar and contine to beat until fully mixed in

4. Add an egg (and a tablespoon of flour to avoid curdling), beat in, and repeat once

5. Add the elderflower cordial, vanilla extract and spices and mix in

6. Sift in the flour and gently fold it in to the mixture with a spoon

Frosting/Decorating Ingredients (for 15 cupcakes)

100g butter

300g icing sugar

2 tbsp applesauce (with no chunks if you are piping! If you have chunks in it, put the sauce through a sieve)

1/2 lemon juice

Apple chunks/slices for putting on top

Brown sugar for sprinkling over them

Making the frosting

1. Cream the butter and sift in about half of the icing sugar

2. Stir in the icing sugar until there are no streaks

3. Add the apple sauce and stir in

4. Add the remaining icing sugar, stir it in

5. Finally add the lemon juice little by little and stir in. Only use as much as you think it needs and don’t let it curdle or get too runny!!


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