Becky Bakewell

Be happy, eat cake!

About Becky

Hey! I’m Becky I’m 19 and I love to bake, thanks for stopping by at my blog.

Baking is a passion of mine, I love to create interesting new recipes and get really excited when I come across new ones myself. I have my own portrait photography business which is my full time work, and I find it really fun and interesting to photograph my cakes for this blog. Have a look at my photography website here:

I’ve always loved eating cake (who doesn’t?!) and enjoyed making them, but it wasn’t always this way! I used to be rubbish at baking. I couldn’t figure out why the mixture sometimes curdled, didn’t rise, sank in the middle, dried out in the oven, or plain tasted weird…!

I realised that to get better, like anything, you have to do it more often – and experiment!

I finally began to understand the science of baking, yes – it is a science.

I am gradually fattening those around me with my baked goodies, and I feel a real need to share my passion with fellow cake lovers.

So now I bake as often as I can in my spare time, and aim to share it with you here!

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